Monday, 13 May 2013

A little something for my mother.


Allah has given me the best mother on earth.
I guess many of the people out there have been saying their wishes through many languages to their beloved mother. Many have written posts, statuses, post photos, all about their dearly beloved mothers. Hence, I too will be joining these posting wishes and thoughts on mother’s day.

A mother. I could never be my mother. A very strong hearted woman I must say. Despite all hardships she has endured throughout her entire life until now, she keeps calm and shows love. I could never be as patient as my mother having to juggle tons of matters at a time. Imagine having to handle mischievous children, preserving affection and attention to the one and only beloved husband, enduring irritating painful obstacles in life, and many more. Who could do that and stay strong?

Well, you might say it’s her job to endure all that responsibilities and keeping the chin up. Might I say, as human, we know what we want. And I think many of us would love to have time to ourselves. Who wouldn’t want relaxing all day sipping tea and watching favourite TV channel with peaceful mind? I guess my mother would want one of those. She would want lying all day long just reading her recipe books or pampering her eyes with colourful orchids or drinking her favourite coffee watching Cinderella without NOTHING irritating her heart and mind. Don’t you think it is such a burden to handle all those things?

Honestly, I think I am such a burden to my mother. I make her heart beat faster than usual, I make her cry out of worry, I make her furious, I make her making decisions for me (making decision for one’s future is actually very frustrating!), I make her doing double of the chores for studying far from home, I make her sick (because I am far away leaving her behind to handle all the chores and things at home, and for crying out loud my mother is acting strong so that I won’t worry), and I make her feel lonely for not calling her every day when the workload overloaded! I am burdening her with many kinds of heart burdening things. Nothing I can do to pay all the things she has ever done to me.

So listen out people, no matter who you are, even you are all high and mighty sitting up on a throne, if you dare hurting my mother, or even making her worry sick, you’ll have to face me.

I will take care of my mother for as long as I can still breathe.

Dear mama,
Thank you for always being there for me, for wiping my tears, for having to stand humiliation, pain, and hardships for me, thank you for bringing me up. Thank you. Only Allah can pay you. Please pray for me to be a good daughter so that Allah will guarantee you a place high up in His paradise. I too will try my best to be a good daughter for you.

I wish you well. Please, stay strong and healthy.

From the very bottom of my heart, I love you. I really truly love you.

Sincerely me,
A burdensome daughter.

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DARKNOUR said...

selamat hari ibu :D

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