Sunday, 4 May 2014

Unstable BMI dilemma.



Okay. So I have told you that I would share what had happened to me since I graduated for almost a year now. I am now a happy PASTI teacher to 24 students. I would say that I am a happy mom to be exact. HAHA. There is this one time I got so angry that I asked my students “Who do you think I am that you are being so rude to me?! Do you think I am your mother?” (Well, actually I do think of myself as their mother. But sometimes they just get on my nerve and I think the actions are not suitable acted in school, to teachers. That’s why I told you before teaching these children need loads of patient!) The students innocently answer “Yes.” And my heart melted. Yargh.

Moving on. When I was a student, my weight rage is about 56 to 58. But now, I just checked few days ago, I am 65 kg! Not less than that! Nyaaa -.- what happen to me?

I suppose most people would say that is nothing to be surprised because staying at home does need a lot of courage to overcome the temptation to eat more and more.

Seriously and frankly speaking, when I am at my hometown, I don’t prefer eating at any stall. I don’t like this ‘masakan panas’. I love ‘nasi campur’. And the best ‘nasi campur’ is homemade cook by my mother.

Furthermore, my family has this love-to-eat attitude. We usually watch TV together at night. So, when we watch TV, we cannot let our mouth rest. We usually want to chew on something. Then we’ll fry anything we can find in the kitchen. Eating late at night has become one of my habits since like forever.

I don’t really care being fat because I have been very skinny since I was little girl and people around me keep asking whether I am sick or not due to my skinniness. (Even one of my best friends used to say this “I think the only time I will see you grow some fat is when you are married.”) It’s the unstable BMI that bothers me a lot! I don’t like being unhealthy. So yes, I am going to lessen the food I eat. Maybe no food at night at all and I am going to jog maybe once in a week and do sit up every morning. HAHA. That’s my goal. I am going to lose those 5 kgs!

I think this is a dilemma faced by many people like me. Having to stay at home and eat mother’s cook. Wow I made it sound as if it is a bad thing. No. Eating mother’s cook is the best feeling, but every good thing in world comes with its own price. So yeah. I gain pounds.

Must work hard to lose fat to stay in nice shape and stay healthy.

Till then, fihifzillah everyone. Let us live healthy life together! 

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