Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wedding invitations drive me crazy!



Wedding invitations. School’s holiday is approaching. Hence, lots of people will be having wedding ceremony. Be it in Sabah, Sarawak, or peninsular of Malaysia. Wedding, wedding, everywhere! I am 25. So, I think it is normal for people like me to nervously wreck when I get invitations. Especially from people who are younger than me. Bohoo!

Why you may ask I say wedding invitations drive me crazy? Well, sometimes getting those invitations make me think like, “They are settling down, when is my turn?” or, “Does God forget to put me in the list of people whom are going to get married in this world?” and, “Wow they are getting so much love due to their upcoming marriage. They must be joining usrah here and there. Oh, only good people are going to get married.” Now you see, I’m a bit immature when I over think. This is why Allah prevents us from thinking about His decree. Eventually, we will usually end up questioning Him.

I am lucky because people around me do not bother pressuring me about marriage. They don’t go “You must get married before you turn 25!” or “Get married before the GST is launched!” Nay. Maybe they still see me as a little girl, having no ability to handle a marriage. Well, I guess they are partly right. HAHA. However, I cannot deny the fact that sometimes, I too wish to be happily married. It’s human’s nature! I would be abnormal if I don’t have that feeling~!

But the thing is, I am not ready. I know that I am not ready because I get easily bored being with the same person doing the same things everyday (except my family of course). I still don’t know how to cook without referring to a recipe book (sometimes my cook still taste weird even though I refer to a recipe), I refuse to get up early on holiday, I have issue with my temper, I still haven’t travel alone (wish list), I still don’t have a permanent job, oh, oh, I still don’t have my own car! (I’ll sure need this in case I get bored with my husband), and many more uncountable reasons restricting me from getting married like everybody else, now. I am NOT ready. Hence, I must bear in mind that no matter how wacko I will turn every time I get wedding invitations, I cannot be desperately asking for any bachelor to marry me.

Sometimes, getting all those invitations also makes me think “Am I not pretty?”, “Am I not good?” You see, there are some people around me keep saying that good people marry and die early. Heh. So... Me, getting married late, not wanted by anyone, is it a sign that I am not a good person? Does this kind of thinking drive you crazy sometimes?

Hm. I say, things like this should be handed to Allah and Allah solely. He has His own planning and our only job is to pray for the best and have faith in Him.

Getting wedding invitations is hard you know. I have to refrain myself from doing and thinking something stupid. Haiye. Have faith Noor. Marriage is not the centre of the universe! You’ll have plenty of time building dreamy wife’s characters in you. And who knows death may ring earlier than marriage. I think, preparing for death is as same as preparing for marriage. Both prepare you to be someone better. Well, unless you want to be in hell in both situations.

Anyone feel the same? I know that I am not alone. Air hugs!

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