Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hari ni, esok, lusa dan mungkin juga tulat aku akan berada di suatu tempat yang jauh dari laptop ini. Jauh dari hidup yang menyesakkan. HAHA padahal kesesakan itu akan ikut juga dalam kepala. Haila proposal, haila reports, haila research question. Tapi kan, you wanna know sweet escape ever? By reading al-Quran and pray. In short, by remembering Allah! ;D
p/s: Entah kenapa dan entah bila tekak ini tiba-tiba teringin makan ikan keli goreng.


Deru Ombak said...

Ikan kelihatan pecel leley sedap.. Shud try :)

Wanna run away from piles of work? Or from those days?

Reading al-Quran all the time, it's not only when we are down... :)

Deru Ombak said...

Alaaaa,.. Typo.. Ikan keli jadi kelihatan .. Haha

Take care

NoorVictory said...

HAHAHAHA~! I was quite confuse just now!

Maybe running away from all that hurt. Hee. You too Kak Yah, take care! ;)

Deru Ombak said...

Noor,, tell you what, I was once get hurts until to a certain extent I couldn't bear any longer. Not everyone can understand that. It took a few months to revover. Do you know why I like so much open sea, white beaches and the melody of waves? That's where I remedy my sorrow and pain. Nature really helps me to heal my cuts. :)

Arrrrrrhhhh! Those days.. :)

NoorVictory said...

Heee~ thank you kak Ya! Only those who have experienced it will understand our sorrow. Huhuhu~

Sadly no sea and beaches can be found here. Huhu. Just oil-palm estate from my balcony. But it also helps, sometimes. Hee.

I hope I can be as though as you kak Ya!

Miss SheiLa said...

i thought u were typing halia..heeeee =p

NoorVictory said...

Haila Sheilaaa~ ;P

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