Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Should I or should I not? HELP.



“Are you already in a relationship at this age?” My eyes wandered around the class. And they spotted this girl with wide white hijab, smiling shyly. And her friends started teasing her.

Having the experience of being in a relationship which is actually illegal in Islam, I started sharing. I told them that this girlfriend-boyfriend thingy in their early age is not good and a waste of time. I told them that why waste your time being in love and then being jealous of someone who is technically not yours, being disappointed and other stuff while you can actually enjoy your youth doing lots of beneficial things that you may proud of 5 years from now.

And the girl with wide hijab started talking. She said that being in a relationship is like knowing each other. So I said, in Islam we have engagement. We can get to know each other during that. She said that it is for her own good. They discuss about their study when they are on phone. So I told her to ask her friends or go to the staff room. She said that her friends can’t help and she sometimes doesn't have the time to consult the teachers. She kept giving excuses and reasons why what she is doing right now is right. She reminded me of me. I was just like her. Very much confident that he is mine and we will be together. And finally ended up crying for almost a year and went crazy for two years.

So yeah, I need help. Should I or should I not interfere with my students’ love life? I just don’t want them to end up like me. Being disappointed and is now very afraid to fall in love again. They are innocence teenagers whom are trying to figure out their identities that they may fall to anything they believe in. Maybe it is good for them to experience fall and rise. But why love? Why not other things? I know the feeling of falling in love is not planned. We just fall. But we can control how we manage the feeling, can’t we?

Ohhh. Maybe I am being so prejudice here. Oh please help.

p.s menyesal tak ikut cakap orang tua-tua yang lebih dulu makan garam.

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