Thursday, 1 January 2015

Amazing 2014, challenging 2015.



This is my first entry for 2015 (well you can see). I’ve been away from blogging for a long time, that I feel I don’t want to neglect writing any more. Somehow, writing has been a great escapism for me, being away from all those problems that linger and can’t seem to stop. I guess obstacles are meant to be put in the system so that we will appreciate the best day.

2014 had been a fantastic year! Met new people. I worked at PASTI for almost a year since 2013, and I had a good relationship with the PTA, and we are still in touch. I really love the children and some of them remember me so well that even when they meet me at a shop, they’ll smile and wave at me. And then I also got new friends and best friends I also worked as a substitute teacher at the primary school. So I made few friends there. Working double jobs was really tiring! But hey, I love it. It draws my attention from thinking unimportant things. 

After that, the year just got even better when I got new job. I am now officially a secondary school teacher, teaching English. I taught SPM candidates before and I really hope they pass with flying colours or else, I’m dead meat. Recently, I attended and being part of my close cousin and best friend’s weddings. Being busy wanting to make others happy, make me happy. And being part of something special really make me feel appreciated. I also got reunited with our big family. Everyone came to my cousin’s wedding so we got a lot to catch up! I also got to see a place that I’ve always wanted to go which is Sepilok! Oh I always wanted to see Orang Utan, up close! Thanks, Ida and Sheena for fulfilling my wish list! 

Oh and I also had the chance of reuniting with long yearned best friends. I went to UPM meeting my high school best friend, Marwah. Went to KK, meeting my high school to UPSI best friend, Zahiah. And then went to Sandakan meeting my form 6 best friend, Salbiah, my  dorm mate when I was in form 6 who is also my best friend, Zaheidah, and two of my UPSI best friends, Sheila and Sheena! I am just glad that even though I haven’t met them for some times, it seems that nothing changes. Who could have thought my year can be that amazing? 

Oh, and I ended the year by giving my mom a ring! I used to cut her pictures of jewelleries from magazines, and then pasted them on a card saying ‘someday I’ll buy you real jewelleries’. And now I did! Dream fulfilled! Alhamdulillah. And to see my mother’s wide smile when she wore the ring just made the end of the year meaningful. Alhamdulillah, Ya Rabb..

2014 was amazing. And I know for sure, 2015 is going to be challenging. I will have bills and loans to pay, taking care of many tasks given by the school, and many more spices of life as adult that need to be discovered.

Ya Allah, I could never thank you amply for all the blessings you have given me and for all the best days in 2014. I just hope and pray that you will always guide me to the right path and never leave my side. Thank you, Allah.

I have few list of my 2015 resolution. I’ll share with you, later!

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