Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Oh my dumbness!



Hi. It’s now noon 1.51. The weather is so hot I feel like I want to get into an ice box and sleep! Zzz.

So. I am now in front of my laptop thinking about have I done few minutes ago. HAHA. This is quite absurd. Well if my best friends found out about this, they won’t be so surprise.

Heh. Here goes the not so worth reading story. I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed when I see this page; FIXI. Publisher. I like reading all those quotes from the books FIXI has published. So, I tend to buy them, online. This is because (excuse me I want to brag) I already have my own Maybank2u! I had this since last year but have no idea on how to use it. So it has been deactivated until last two months I guess. That’s when I gain my sanity; and decided to activate it so that I can easily shop online. HAHA. Okay cut the crap and let’s back to business.

So. I saw this and decided to shop. Considering the books are all very cheap. HAHA. Oh my dumbness. Later after I have purchased the book that I realized the website sells E-book! No wonder the site didn’t even ask for my address!! Urgh. Ottoke! I don’t like reading on screen. I prefer the smell and the texture and the feel of books. Oh well. There goes my RM23.30.

Shop wisely next time Noor! Pttff.

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