Monday, 8 October 2012

10 days left.


As practical teacher, the first time I entered the school I was hoping that this practical term will end as soon as possible.

I was actually kind of secretly hoping that I don’t have to do this and this is all just another nightmare and all I have to do is pinch myself and everything will be back to normal with me tea-timing with my family, at home.

But then I realized that the only way for this nightmare to end is to get through it. So I do everything I can to make my practical days as beautiful as I can. As the days passed, I come to realize that the beautiful of practical days is the students itself!

My love for them grows each day. They did sweet things that I thought only happen in television. They make me smile, laugh, and without even realizing it, I think they’ve cured my heart!

I believe that God never make something happen without reasons. Now I know why I have to do my practicum during the 7th semester instead of the 8th. Allah wants to cure my heart by making me realize that there are still important stuffs that need my attention (instead of just cuddle and wrap myself up with blanket, grieving over the past).

The first time I was about to enter 2R, I made lots of excuses. These are excuses I gave their English teacher (whom is my mentor).

“I think you would want to spend time with them before I take the class over for 4 months.”
“I got period cramp; I won’t be able to even stand.”

Then one Friday, I think the teacher got bored with my excuses and he said “when is actually the time you’re supposed to enter the class?”

So I dragged my feet to the class along with my sulking face and the students are all quiet. I asked them to write journal entries everyday and here are what I’ve read.

1. The teacher is quite cute, but she rarely smiles.
2. Today is the first time I saw the teacher, kind of, laughing. She laughed!

After few days, I think we finally make bonding and we started joking and sharing. And then I see some difference in their journals.

1. I think this is the first teacher whom we can share almost everything.
2. She’s more like a friend to us.

And the latest was, ‘I don’t know if we can throw a party for practical teacher because we’ll be sitting for exam.’

Oh don’t be (even though I’m actually secretly hoping for one HAHA). Focus on your exam first. ;)

Remembering all the sweetest moments I’ve been through with all of you will be one of my favourite activities after this. I would never forget all of you, insyaALLAH. 

I would remember when you celebrated my birthday, when you want to match making me with the bachelor teachers at school, we studied under the shady tree, the badminton tournament we handled together, the dried fruit with my favourite colour ribbon on my desk, all of you cooperated in class so that my lecturer will give me an A and many more!

Sorry I don’t have Facebook to connect will all of you. But I do hope we will always be in touch and never lost contact.
p/s: Hari ni first time ambil cuti kat sekolah. Huhuhuhu~ sakit kan tak dirancang. Mana nak tahu sakit boleh tiba-tiba datang menyerang bila satu badan dah bersarung pakaian nak ke sekolah. 


Deru Ombak said...

Some says..

To forget the one we loved is not something very difficult to do, but to forget the feelings of love we used to have for her/him is just a disaster.. It takes time to cure.

But, comes to those naive little faces.. Their love is pure, they will always treasure the love for their teachers forever.
Believe me, in time to say good bye..tear drops falling down on your face.

Granny Hani said...

There is a Good Teacher' inside you. I am very sure of it. Been there, done that and no regrets..not at all.

Kakzakie said...

How nice if this entry read by them who already make you smiles.. Kakak believe they also happy sheltered under your umbrella...

Dinas Aldi said...

Syahdu la eh. Teringat zaman akak praktikum dulu. Kali pertama students bangun & ucap "good morning teacher"..meremang2 bulu roma akak..that was when I knew without a doubt that it's my destiny :)

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