Sunday, 7 October 2012

It hurts.


Ever heard of someone labelling you?

For example,
Oh that girl who got dumped by her boyfriend?
Oh that girl who got dumped by her fiancé?
Oh that girl who just got divorced?
Oh that girl with broken heart.

Oh I see. Thank you for all the labels.

But, I would never put it that way. I think the proper label would be:

Oh that strong hearted girl who can still manage to wake up in the morning smiling and still firmly believes in her God after all that damages she has been through?

Aye, I think you should all mind your language.

*yes, my heart is broken, with your choice of words.

So it is true that you won’t know the feeling when you never experience it. I do hope you can too endure all the pain and the struggles when you had the chance to feel the same (which I hope you’ll never do).
May all of us live happily ever after. Amiiin ;)


missha said...

Thank you for all the labels.

kerana label itu buat kta kuat, :')

Zaiya said...

live must go on...

Deru Ombak said...


NoorVictory said...

missha : Yup. Hopefully! :)

Zaiya : LIFE must go on la! Hahahaha :P miss you!

Kak Ya : Kan kak Ya kan? Huhuhu~ *tremendously sad

Nisa said...

Allah is testing you through this individual that knows nothing what they're talking about.

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