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Hi. It has been a long time since I last wrote in English. The last time I wrote, it was an English essay on how two girls went to a night market. That was when I taught a boy who was preparing for his UPSR exam, last year. I demonstrated to him on how writing an essay should be done. Narrative essay to be exact (or descriptive). His mother was afraid that he would not get A for his English paper. Hence, she offered me to teach him every day from 4 to 5pm. At that time, I was already a PASTI teacher. So, I worked every day from 8 am to 12 am and then continue from 4 pm to 5 pm. Alhamdulillah, he passed. 5As. I would not pin that as one of my biggest success in teaching career because that boy already has massive vocabularies judging on how he answered paper 1.
How did I involve in PASTI you may ask. It is way beyond my course, TESL. Well, I finished studying at UPSI last year in June, dreaming on becoming substitute teacher so that I won’t look pathetic being 24 and still asking money from my parents. Unfortunately, I left all my certificates back at my aunt’s house! That was so very clever of me don’t you think? Applause!! So, jobless-ly, I stayed home, cursing my recklessness.
It was nearly August and my mother brought back some good news. She told me that my high school teacher who is happened to be the PASTI’s principle is searching for PASTI’s teacher as their former teacher has quitted so sudden due to some unforeseen matters. The children will have nasyid competition on September so they really need a teacher. I was speechless. Have nothing in mind at that time. Well you see, I have never imagined me as a teacher to 4 to 6 year old children! Yes, I love kids. Who doesn’t? They are adorable and impossible not to love. But the thing here, you are not going to play with them. You are going to TEACH them! Those clueless minds. That was one hard decision. So, I just say yes considering that I love teaching nasyid to students and that teacher was a very good teacher to me when I was in high school. So yeah, I ventured pre-school just like that.
Teaching them is not easy. Argh. How I salute mothers. I used to salute primary school teachers, and then I narrowed the salutation to preschool teachers, and now, great salutation to mothers all over the world! They have been teaching their children from nothing to everything! You should see me yelling here and there when the children start climbing and hitting one another. Urgh.
I have shared about them not a long time ago. You can search in my previous entries (if you want). Teaching children needs a lot of patient. Without patient, these students will get bruises here and there (being canned by the teacher).
I guess this is for now. Will share more, later. About me being fat, me being substitute teacher, me being active citizen (HAHA), me being a cook yada yada yada.

Till then, assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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