Sunday, 21 April 2013

Me. Lately. Messy.



So. Last few days I told Syu (my roomie, which also happened to be my junior) about how easy writing a thesis actually is. And then, out of the blue she replied, “then why do you look so messy?”. Okay. Fine.

So, the word messy has actually gotten into me. I think I am actually quite a clumsy person. Not to mention my fail-time-management. When it’s come to this stage (I mean people look at me as a messy person), this is the time I should alter my attitude (which I think I should have done ages ago).

1. Should do time-table or at least a to-do-list.

2. No more clumsy-girl-attitude. Trust me. I can’t even move without producing a ting-a-ling!

For things to change, I have to change me first!

Looking messy in front of a junior?


Sometimes I feel like going back to the first day of everything and change everything from the very beginning where the turbulence actually started. But as we all know, that is, IMPOSSIBLE.

I think the reason for all these to happen to me is my relationship with Allah. Argh screw my time-management!

My lack of sunat actions. My lack of prayers. My lack of istighfar.

Gotta improve! Must improve!
Please. Pray for me. It has been so hard lately.


insan marhaen said...

Sebahagian besar dari kita mengalami perasaan yang sama. Seperti kata Scorpion dalam lagunya;

"If we'd go again
all the way from the start

I would try to change
things that killed our love."

tapi kita dah terlambat walaupun belum tersangat lambat..


whitecappuccino said...

well..still have time for improvement..insya allah.

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