Tuesday, 2 April 2013



Truth is I’ve been facing these few occurrences that made me want to scream my heart out. It boggles my mind why some people apparently fail to choose suitable words to express their feeling. And does everyone just have run out of good words vocabulary? Why is it so hard to be decent? Is it because everyone’s thesis dateline is just around the corner?

When people say everyone’s patience has its own limit, why can’t they just hold it just a little more? Why can’t we just keep quiet, smile, or just walk away without having to blurt out those unnecessary negative comments? For crying out loud IT HURTS! A lot! Be considerate please. Everyone is fighting their own battle. You don’t have to exaggerate your disappointment with your life to people by establishing those hurtful comments.

Dear people,
please know.
Your comments,

Oh, these are photos of the comic I made to enter Pertandingan Melukis Komik Sempena Pesta Ibadah. :)

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